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MIAA Modifications

MIAA Handbook July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2025

68. Field Hockey

68.1 High school field hockey shall be played under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations, as modified by the MIAA.

68.1.1 No team shall be allowed to compete without wearing team uniforms displaying identifying numbers with a minimum height of four inches. It is recommended that team uniforms display identifying numbers on front (4”) and back (6”).

68.1.2 The goal keepers' uniform top shall be either the same color as teams' uniform top or of a color which contrasts to the uniform tops of both teams.

68.2 Match Length - The maximum length of match is to be 60 minutes including overtime play.

68.2.1 If a league elects to play a tie breaker, teams must play four quarters of 12 minutes and 30 seconds with intervals of 2 minutes between quarter 1 and 2 and between quarter 3 and 4 and the overtime period must not exceed ten minutes. The overtime period must be played to completion or sudden victory.

68.3 A student-athlete who receives a red card due to an upgrade (i.e., green card to a yellow card to a red card - third minor offense) should not be suspended from the next game and the official need not fill out the MIAA Student Disqualification Form.

68.4 During the regular season and up to and including the quarter finals if there is a goal differential of 5 or more goals by half time the clock will run during the third or fourth quarters on everything but injury stoppage. If the goal differential is less than 5 goals in the third or fourth quarters, then the regular rules apply.

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