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Field Hockey Rule Changes


1-8-1, 2 (NEW): Clarifies that a goalkeeper top is part of the uniform and not required equipment.

Rationale: Games should not be forfeited for field player or goalkeeper illegal uniforms. Adding uniforms to the goalkeeper equipment section gives guidance on how an official should handle illegal unforms vs. illegal/missing required equipment.

2-1-7: Provides flexibility for officials holding for advantage to award a penalty corner or penalty stroke after time expires.

Rationale: NFHS rules permit the playing of a penalty corner or penalty stroke after time has expired. The addition offers flexibility to the official who is holding for advantage and time expires to award the penalty corner or penalty stroke depending on severity of the violation.

3-4-5: Defines stick interference.

Rationale: Adds stick interference language to Rule 3 definitions.

4-2 PENALTY: Administers a penalty if a second time-out is requested and granted.

Rationale: Offers guidance to officials on how to administer a penalty if the clock is stopped as a result of the coach or captain requesting a second time-out.

10-2-1: Establishes a clear signal to initiate the penalty corner with a whistle from the official.

Rationale: Establishes standardized procedure for starting penalty corners with an official’s whistle. Gives clear guidance to all players when the penalty corner begins.

2024 Editorial Changes

2-1-3, 8-2-1g, 12-1-2h

2024 Points of Emphasis

    • Penalty Corners
    • Goalkeeper Equipment and Uniform

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