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NFHS Rule Changes

1‐5‐5 REMOVED: The change allows players to wear jewelry to aid officials in consistent enforcement.

Rationale: Allows wearing of jewelry keeping with current trends in other rules codes for consistency of officiating and coaching.

1‐8‐1a: Defines the size requirements for goalkeeper uniform numbers.

Rationale: Brings the goalkeeper’s uniform requirements for a number in line with the player’s uniform number.

1‐8‐1h: Updates terminology regarding goalkeeper shoes.

Rationale: Equipment has evolved and goalkeepers wear kickers over their shoes. Kickers should cover the shoes completely. Spikes and metal cleats are illegal.

4‐1‐3: Permits the playing captain to call a time‐out.

Rationale: When a time‐out was added to the rules, the playing captain was omitted. If no playing captain is on the field of play, then only the coach may call a time‐out.

8‐1‐1w (NEW): Provides consistency when officiating loose equipment in the field of play.

8‐2‐1k (NEW): Clarifies that a misconduct penalty should be issued when equipment is thrown in a dangerous or unsportsmanlike manner.

Rationale: The rule change defines loose equipment in the field of play as a foul and clarifies that throwing of equipment is a misconduct penalty. The rules clarify for officials on how to handle the penalty in the field of play or the circle.

8‐2‐1 PENALTIES (NEW): Defines the penalty application regarding player re‐entry during suspension time.

Rationale: Clarifies the application of existing rules and offers guidance to officials on how to handle players entering before serving the full suspension time.

2023 Points of Emphasis

      • Card Progression
      • Proper Field Markings and Grass Length
      • Play Inside the Circle ‐ Corner vs Stroke
      • Delay of Game

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