BFHUA  Boston Field Hockey
  Umpire's Association


Varsity and JV With Partner: $166

Varsity Only, With Partner: $95

Varsity Only, No Partner: $143

* Sub Varsity With Partner: $71
* Sub Varsity Only, With 1 Official: $107
* Sub Varsity Double Header With Partner $142
* Sub Varsity Double Header With 1 Official $214

 (Sub Varsity games include the following: JV, Freshman and Middle School)


BFHUA uses ArbiterSports for high school game assignments. This web-based scheduling program allows you to "black out" dates you cannot umpire, indicate travel preferences and more. Games assigned to you appear in ArbiterSports for you to accept (the right thing to do) or decline (rarely). You will be given an account on ArbiterSports when you are field rated.

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